22 Things You Only Know If You’re A Northern Girl In The South

Men from the north are known to make better companions, lovers, and boyfriends so if you’re looking for love, these are the guys you REALLY need to date. Here are 15 reasons Northern guys make the best boyfriends Whatever Northern breed you go for, whether he’s a Geordie, scouse or ANY man north of the Watford Gap we promise you he won’t disappoint. From their unwavering passion for for alcohol to their happy-go-lucky attitudes and witty charm, here’s why Northern guys are best of them all. Leave your grumpy London hunk and meet the real Northern man you always wanted. They’re loving, generous and overall much happier people. There’s something strangely sexy about a British accent you can’t quite understand. If you’re being a pain in the arse a Northern guy won’t be afraid to tell you straight.

35 of the funniest jokes by Northern comedians

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The rivalry is strong between the northern girl and the southern girl in the dating world too. But before you pledge allegiance to House South.

There are some things southerners just don’t understand. Here’s our list of the things only Northerners living down south will get. You miss being able to say hello to strangers at the bus stop without causing them to back away in alarm. By Mirror. News, views and top stories in your inbox. Don’t miss our must-read newsletter Sign up When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters.

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QUIZ: Can we tell if you’re northern or southern just from 8 questions?

A new poll by Comedy Central Live claims to have determined the funniest parts of the UK, supposedly proving once and for all that Northerners are funnier than their southern counterparts. Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester came up trumps, while Brighton was left languishing with just 2 per cent of the vote. And they have given us so many laughs over the years. Three weeks after he told me that, my girlfriend was pregnant. I got spring onion because I felt I needed to eat some vegetables.

Any game whose rules basically amount to finding a table covered in mess and slowly and methodically putting it all away out of sight is one with which I can empathise emphatically.

Many Northerners appreciate the foreign Southern states for their warmth and down home feelings Here are some of the things Northern girls experience in the South. The Her Campus Guide To Dating This Semester; 3.

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10 differences between Northerners and Southerners (UK)

Fellas, listen up. Here’s what you need to know before dating a Southern gal. By Anna Aguillard. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Image zoom.

Southern food may be unhealthy but man does it taste better than northern food.

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19 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Dating A Northerner

Think again. We may hail from the same country but the difference between northerners and southerners can be abundantly clear. We know some trendy sushi or a plate of couscous might look nicer on your obligatory dinnertime Instagram post, but nothing beats a good old chip butty. They will hand you chocolate, as in the chocolate teacakes, instead.

The pronunciation of certain words down south can be mind-boggling to the majority of northerners.

There are some things southerners just don’t understand. Here’s our list of the things only Northerners living down south will get.

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Northerners and Southerners: Are they THAT different?

Legeros “Nip it! End of Teens. The Big Millennium and Then Some tm. And, for this Certain Someone, the twentieth twelve of a colorful North Carolina tenure. For a double-decade and counting I’ve been living “down South,” logging the lion’s share of my experiences in and around Raleigh, the state’s capital and my residence for 17 of these last 20 years. Prior was “down east” in Morehead City, for high school, plus one college summer and a host of subsequent visits.

before dating a Southern girl. She always does her homework. Before y’all started dating, she ran a thorough background check, which looked something like this.

The northern Starks are honourable until the end, while the southern Lannisters are cunning and spiteful. Northerners, with their jolly, happy-go-lucky attitudes, proper water and brass bands are stereotypically more approachable and better at making mashed potato than their southern peers. I was born in Kent, brought up in Cambridge and went to university in London. Loud, sociable and not afraid to say what she thinks, her no-nonsense attitude epitomises the very best of the north. I love London.

The Olympics changed Londoners , albeit briefly. As Team GB stormed to golden success, they chatted on the tube, gave directions to lost Americans and cheerily waited in line to buy overpriced drinks. Unfortunately, the Olympic spirit extinguished with the flame and, as the last athlete was loaded onto the final plane, Londoners returned to their sullen selves.

18 things only Northerners living down south will understand

Please refresh the page and retry. The Greater Manchester Mayor, 49, previously served as an MP for Leigh and also held cabinet roles as health secretary as well as secretary of state for the department of culture, media and sport. However following his failed bid to become Labour leader after losing out to Jeremy Corbyn in September , he relocated to Greater Manchester and was elected its first metro mayor in May He has pledged to end homelessness in the region and has dedicated his career to highlighting its inadequate transport networks.

Yet he has also repeatedly complained about the prominence of the capital in comparison to the north of England.

The culture of the Southern United States, or Southern culture, is a subculture of the United Also important is the French community of New Orleans dating back to the s. Eastern and northern Texas are heavily Protestant, while the southern and western parts of the state are predominantly Catholic. The city of.

But you should be aware of a few genuine differences between the inhabitants of these two regions. Try to turn out of a side road in the North and a fellow motorist will stop, give you a thumbs-up and let you onto the road. The simple truth is that northerners are nicer. We make small talk in queues. We even, God forbid, chat to people who live on the same street as us. All of which might seem implausible to southerners who, despite being shoved into close physical proximity in their overcrowded bit of the island, act as if everyone around them is a hologram.

It makes you wonder why hermits bother to find caves when they want to escape from human contact. If they really want to achieve complete isolation, the best thing they can do is sit on a crowded rush hour tube and try and start a conversation. A pub in Newcastle once offered customers free use of the toilets with every five pints of lager they bought.