I had been to this place two times before and liked the atmosphere of the outdoor patio, the food was good but not exceptional. Went there again in October The restaurant has a new owner. It was freezing cold inside, no heating whatsoever, very Have lived in Antwerp area for 15 years, but this is the first time I went here. Were greeted by the owner who told us they had been open for 25 years and had a group of extremely loyal, happy customers, so we thought we Having eaten here once and been happy with it we returned.

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We’re based in a beautiful year old cottage in lowland Scotland, from which we have been dealing in antiques and collectables with a Scottish flavour for more than ten years. The business places a special emphasis on the textiles that have always been my personal passion, although I’m also fond of Scottish art, treen and domestic collectables. I’m a well published writer of novels – many of them historical – as well as non fiction. My antiques often find their way into my fiction.

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Lloyd Loom “Lusty” nursing chair. With original covering on sprung base. Date stamped Oct On its way to @malt_house_emporium. #krollectables.

People have always known Lloyd Loom, even if they haven’t known what it is,” says David Breese, the managing director and founder of Lloyd Loom of Spalding. Toss your delicate satin slip into a Lloyd Loom equivalent and it will glide gently over the smooth weave and finished edges, and on to the pile of clothes at the bottom of the basket. Whereas cane or rattan is handwoven directly onto the frame of a piece of furniture, Lloyd Loom is a machine-woven material made from tightly twisted paper, reinforced down the middle of the weft with steel and produced on a loom in a continuous strip like a length of tweed that is then cut and tacked on to a bent beechwood frame, with the weft as the upright stake.

Production is about 40 times faster than hand-weaving and avoids the blunt edges, creaks and sagging of short-stranded canes. However, the name is more commonly associated with the furniture constructed from this material, than its actual method of production. Some 20 million pieces were produced in America and England in the 50 years after the American Marshall Burns Lloyd patented his wicker-weaving system in and the furniture, especially the curvaceous deep-backed, high-armed chairs, is immediately evocative of the glamorous days of cruise liners and grand hotels, mint juleps on the veranda and, of course, satin slips.

Lloyd Loom 1930 s Armchair

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An old Lloyd Loom woven chair is brought right up to date with a coat of acid yellow paint and sits comfortably alongside a pretty display of old.

It contains chapters on the furniture’s origins, the way it was made, how to date it and assess its value, and how to care for and restore it, making this a useful guide for buyers, dealers, collectors and design enthusiasts. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Hardback. Condition: Very Good. The book has been read, but is in excellent condition.

Lloyd Loom, Antwerp

Before you contact us, verify the type of loom and have the serial number ready. Some very early looms were not assigned serial numbers. If your loom was built prior to about mid, it is possible that it does not have a serial number. Serial numbers are pressed into the wood and can be hard to see.

Lloyd loom s armchair date stamped for june nice original art deco period chair still in its original pink and gold paint finish. The chair has its Lloyd.

Entrepreneur Marshall Burns Lloyd, who was producing baby carriages and strollers at that time, found himself confronted with a severe drop in the supply of rattan as a result of the war. As an alternative, he invents a technique in which paper is twisted around a metal wire and subsequently machine woven into large sheets of woven paper thread. When putting the material to use in his production of baby carriages, he discovers that this new material is not only much stronger, but also a lot more softer and thus more comfortable than rattan.

He calls his invention the ‘Lloyd Loom’ technique. Marshall Burns Lloyd immediately puts his new material to use in his baby carriages. The first Lloyd Loom products were these charming strollers. Thanks to the industrial production process on large weaving looms, the production time of baby carriages dropped immensely.

In addition, the new material solved all previous complaints about the carriages being uncomfortable or not sturdy enough. Lusty develops a unique line of typically English furniture, that soon became all the rage in the UK and the rest of Western Europe.

History of Lloyd Loom

A blend of modern and classic design, All Seasons is fresh but familiar, current yet timeless. Built-in reticulated foam seating showcases the beauty and comfort of Lloyd Loom wicker while allowing moisture to drain quickly. Also avail. Modern yet classic design features durable aluminum frame surrounded in tightly-woven, weather-resistant Lloyd Loom wicker.

An Introduction to Lloyd Loom. The English Cabinet Co. Our bedroom furniture is designed and made in our factory in Yorkshire and all our materials originate.

We are not able to respond back to you, so if the ad remains on site after 12 hours then we have chosen to leave the ad live. If you are a victim of fraud click here. Two cane conservatory armchairs with cushions. Used, but in good solid condition. Collection only from Malvern observing social distancing protocols. Ad ID: I have two of these and another without arms. Cream leather swivel chair, very comfortable, good condition, can deliver locally. Email or text only please.

No marks; in good condition. Available for collection only. Not really been used much, leather chair and in immaculate condtion Leather Chair. Light grey fabric and wooden frame Great condition.

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Marshall Burns Lloyd created a process by which cellulose strands are woven into a wicker fabric as an alternative to the then popular method of wrapping cane around a frame. Each hand-crafted piece of Lloyd Loom furniture made today uses the same process to create the loom fabric, though we’ve added advanced technologies over the last quarter century to produce a continuous strand that will not burr, crack, or peel, resulting in a consistently smooth weave. The fiber used to create Lloyd Loom fabric is twisted into a sturdy cord and wound onto small spools, then rewound onto larger spools that feed into the looms.

Our looms draw cord simultaneously from more than spools to weave the Lloyd Loom fabric.

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Lloyd Loom is, strictly speaking, a wicker product but it was sufficiently different to create a new market. It was more than improved wicker; it was a new type of furniture. Lloyd Loom furniture is smooth to the touch , with no sharp joints in the weave which can snag clothing, it does not bend, distort or creak when used, remarkably strong and durable.

Split rolls of kraft paper being converted into fibre twine on spools at the base of the photograph. Giant rolls of woven fibre, fresh from the loom, waiting to be taken to the cutting room. A jack-of-all trades, he also developed a timber business by salvaging driftwood, from fallen barges, out of the local canal; by the turn of the centenery, this had become an important local, family industry which specialised in the manufacture and supply of wooden packing cases and beer crates.

ISBN 13: 9780861015887

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It doesn’t have any labels, so I can’t be sure whether it is genuine Lloyd Loom or only in the style, probably the latter, but it dates from the s or 50s.

Made of kraft paper twisted around steel wire, the paper covered wires, acting as threads, are fed into the loom to produce woven sheets of material with a rattan look. The Lloyd Loom woven material offers a smooth, snag free texture, providing more cushioning than rattan. Adding to its appeal, the chip free paper surface can be easily coated in unlimited colours and treated for durable indoor and outdoor usage.

As rattan became less available and more expensive after World War I, Lloyd looked for an alternative to rattan and founded the Lloyd Loom technique of weaving thread made of kraft paper twisted around a thin steel wire producing a woven material with the appearance of rattan. Unlikely did Lloyd realize that his solution would revolutionize the furniture market. From commercial popularity, the demand for Lloyd Loom furniture expanded to private residences, making Lloyd Loom a household name in Europe.

In , Belgium based furniture manufacturer, Vincent Sheppard re-established the Lloyd Loom technique moving production to Indonesia in The result will be an out-of-the-box, festive photo series celebrating the character and unique look of our Lloyd Loom furniture. We will present these unique images on the different furniture fairs in the upcoming months, as well as in our renewed showroom.

In the 25 past years, we are most proud of how our company has been able to reinterpret and reinvigorate a traditional, natural material, in such a way that we have been able to keep the material alive.

An Introduction to Lloyd Loom

Lloyd , who twisted kraft paper around a metal wire, placed the paper threads on a loom and wove them into what was to become the traditional Lloyd Loom fabric. The Lusty family developed over one thousand designs, and over ten million pieces of Lusty Lloyd Loom were made in America and Great Britain before William Lusty began in business in with a hardware shop in London’s East End. Specialising in timber products the business benefitted from the demand for ammunition packing cases during the First World War.

Full patent rights were acquired in and the Lustys were in production the following year. A few years later the Lusty Lloyd Loom factory covered seventeen acres at Bromley-by-Bow in East London and employed over people making a range of products from baby carriages to kitchen cupboards.

Apart from the obvious history and documentation of Lloyd Loom products it also contains chapters on dating, restoration, repainting, and a buyers guide.

Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Hardback. Condition: Very Good. The book has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting.

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In Lusty, a packing case manufacturer, acquired the rights to mass-produce furniture using the American method of weaving twisted paper fibre, patented under the name Lloyd Loom. The product, which could be woven in a variety of patterns, was attached over bentwood frames and often imitated popular furniture forms made in other materials. Lloyd Loom furniture replaced wicker furniture, which was more expensive and less durable. It was produced in vast quantities from the s to the s.

Production-line methods reduced costs but allowed little creative input for individual craftsmen. This chair is given a Moderne feel by the step pattern and the black and gold colouring.

For Sale on 1stDibs – This is a museal piece. Original Lloyd loom chair, Model: 32​, produced between This chair is from and it is the biggest.

The English Cabinet Co. Our bedroom furniture is designed and made in our factory in Yorkshire and all our materials originate from the UK. There is no worldwide shipping furniture furniture our carbon footprint. The wood we dating is sourced from sustainable forests making our furniture not only beautiful to see and touch, but kind to the environment too.

Lloyd Loom has a reputation as one of the most recyclable and ecologically sound looms fake on the market today The two marry together to make us a dream brand collaboration for people looking to shop more responsibly for their homes. This popularity has led to copycat pieces being created and sold as originals. At the English Cabinet Co. Surprisingly, the chair and durable weave used loom craft our Lloyd Loom furniture is a machine-woven material made of kraft paper.

Loom is wicker cut and tacked loom a bent beechwood frame by skilled craftsmen. Although it sounds simple, the result is a beautifully intricate woven design that is hard wearing, comfortable and long lasting. This hand-finished loom is a special part of our ethos and is what makes our collections stand out.

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