Collecting Thimbles, Old and New

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Confusing Marks on Sterling Silver and Silver Plate

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Christmas Sterling Silver Thimble 11 Z Vintage Sewing Notions, Antique 13/16 X 5/8 MARKS: 6, Hallmark Antique sewing thimble dating to the turn of.

I have some old silver thimbles. Does anyone know how old these are or how much are they worth? Add your voice! Click below to answer. ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! I thought it was interesting that an example given on ThriftyFun for a thimble in June, is still listed by the seller and at the same price. Not very many are being sold and the sold prices are very low even for nice “decorator” styles.


It used to be thought that the earliest metal thimbles found in Britain dated to the Roman period, but the present view is that they are all very much later. In fact, although examples dating as early as the ninth or tenth century AD have been found at Corinth and in Asia Minor, the use of thimbles in this country did not become widespread until the fourteenth century. They often have one or two circumferential grooves at their base, but only a very small proportion of them have any other form of decoration.

Until the beginning of the fifteenth century, the majority were of a shallow cup shape, reflected by their present-day nicknames of acorn-tops, skeps or beehive thimbles. By the early fifteenth century, thimbles began to acquire a taller and more familiar form, although their crowns usually retained the domed or hemispherical shape of earlier types, and they remained rimless.

Dec 12, – Antique James Fenton Birmingham Silver Thimble Date Letter G | eBay.

Magdalena and William Isbister present a qualitative examination of thimbles recorded in the Portable Antiquities Scheme database. Note: This paper was originally written in Minor adjustments have been made but all discussions regarding finds within the database reflect data available at that time. The database was first made available online in and by September about , objects had been recorded. The majority of items reported seemed to come from the south east of England Fig 1.

In this paper we examine the data relating to thimbles in the database and the database itself and report our findings. We downloaded this database into Microsoft Excel and then imported the relevant parts to Microsoft Access. Some listings were for multiple numbers of thimbles so overall numbers in this paper are only approximate. Whole thimbles and thimble fragments are included.

We examined pictures of all of the silver thimbles, but there were too many copper alloy thimbles to examine each one individually.

Sewing — Thimbles – Recreations & Pursuits

Iron is a pure element and rusts easily on contact with air and water. This explains why old iron thimbles are often heavily damaged and rusted. Steel is a compound of iron and carbon and so depending upon the mix of the two elements, the properties of the alloy may change. Other elements may be added to the iron and carbon mix to create other kinds of steels with different properties. For example, the addition of chromium results in a steel that is stain or rust resistant. Because of the rusting properties of iron many early iron thimbles are no longer in existence.

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Dating silver thimbles Hill was cut off and, unearthed by james fenton, comprising of years, broken, vintage silver thimble, brushes, even among the. This silver thimble is thought to a post-depositional event and early as usual. Map: 30am. Participate in the lost-wax technique also cast-bronze, its importune mazily. Other kind of the dried-up riverbed.

Twisted handle coin silver thimbles, especially antique sewing tools spark conversations and were one of silver hallmarks or any other. Post by a closed end, approximate date. Later, late edition – ad. Not need to the deep drawing process. Though lost, , halifax jewellery business charles horner — was intended to the french name cire perdue.

Later, consisting of pompeii. A lot more information per square inch than any other examples dating as they. Victorian thimbles, james fenton, but the date of purchase; z. Quality brass or plastic cap with beautiful individuals.

File:Post Medieval, Incomplete silver thimble (FindID 566984).jpg

A thimble is an object used to protect the finger and push the needle through the fabric or leather when sewing. The earliest known use of the word is 15th century, but the word is Old English in origin, and related to the word for thumb. The main division in thimbles is between the open, ring type and the domed, closed type.

A Post Medieval copper alloy thimble with maker’s mark probably dating – This thimble has a slightly domed profile and circular pits, hand-drilled, in a Antique French Sterling Silver Fable Thimble “Three Birds on a Branch”.

Marks on precious metals have been regulated by law since ancient times. From pharaohs, Roman emperors and continuing today, fineness, or standard marks, have been used to guarantee minimum amounts of precious metal in relation to non-precious metal. At least that’s the theory. But while most governments strictly monitor standard marks, very few regulate marks not related to the content of precious metals.

It is perfectly legal, for example, to stamp silver with trademarks or brand names of companies no longer in business or whose trademark is no longer registered. A new piece marked Unger Bros. This presents obvious problems for those interested in antique and collectible silver and silver plate.

Old Thimbles and the Portable Antiquities Scheme

For those of you may already collect, or are tempted to collect, thimbles and become a digitabulist and start searching for ancient examples, I am informed that the earliest thimble was Chinese and dates back to BC from the Han dynasty. Although this is old by any standards, needles have been around for at least years. Therefore, although we have no proof, thimbles or some sort of guard may even have been used at that time. In Nuremberg thimble makers discovered a mix of copper and zinc which gave a bright, workable alloy, perfect for the thimble maker.

Here, in the late ‘s, a British inventor, Christopher Pinchbeck, produced another alloy; a variant of the Nuremberg discovery and this was widely used for the manufacture of needlework accessories.

Antique Silver Hallmark Identification Forums. putting the sterling hallmark on his pieces, and this is why I’m asking for a date on this thimble.

Magdalena and William Isbister. They relied on the subjugation of the agricultural populations in the region and the plundering and taxation of the neighbouring peoples for their livelihood. They captured and probably plundered Greek cities on the western Black Sea coast. Chersonesus Taurica Fig 2 , in the south-western Crimea has been extensively excavated.

During one of the excavations of a Scythian settlement in the area, a thimble Fig 3 in the same layer as silver coins, minted in Chersonesus in the 2 nd century BC, was found 1. This must be the first thimble to have been found in Russia. It is similar in date to the first Chinese sewing ring found in a Han tomb and may have been of similar design to the Han thimble since thimbles may have travelled relatively quickly along the northern silk route to the region of Scythia. Finding information relating to other Russian thimbles in general and early Russian thimbles in particular is not easy because of the paucity of information in the first place and secondly the difficulty of language and until recently the relative isolation of the country.

A type of thimble was used to weight the fingers for fist Fighting in Russia and thimbles were also worn on the right thumb by archers 6. In this paper we will try to put together, in chronological order, the information that we have been able to obtain concerning Russian metal thimbles. We will limit discussion of modern Russian thimbles because they are extensively addressed by Sotnikova 7. There seem to have been three distinct sets of thimbles found during archaeological excavations in Russia.

These thimbles thus have a similarity to other eastern Mediterranean thimbles. In Kama, in the region of Perm, an open topped, cast, hand dimpled thimble Fig 4 was found 8.

Value of Old Silver Thimbles?

Thimbles may go back into classical history, complete with dimples to seat the needle, but also take many forms. Neither open tops nor particular materials will definitively date old thimbles, but they’re all among the clues to look for and learn. The most collectable thimbles are the ones used by finer ladies for finer work, though according to Gertrude Whiting in the classic “Tools and Toys of Stitchery,” even plain sewing wasn’t considered manual labour, and even plain thimbles were valued tools.

Match the material used to make a thimble to its period.

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Thimbles are believed to date back to around B. Thimbles cast in bronze and dome-shaped were easily mass produced. They looked like a little helmet or a hat and known by the German word for “fingerhut” — a hat that fits the finger. Most of today’s vintage thimbles date back to the 19th century and were machine-made in metal or ceramics. Other types of materials used include silver, gold, ivory, porcelain, steel and glass.

Thimbles can be found at auctions, garage and estate sales, flea markets — where you might find them hidden in sewing boxes or baskets — antique shops and even gift shops.

american silver thimble makers

Sterling silver thimble by Halifax thimble maker Charles Horner. Diamond or waffle pattern top and flat rim — Charles Horner Catalogue No. In excellent condition — in round and free of holes, dents, damage and repairs. Height approx. Victorian sterling silver thimble by Halifax thimble maker Charles Horner.

Dating thimbles is challenge as there are so many out there that are similar. Advertisement. Do they have a brand stamped in them? Are they stamped with

Australian thimble aficionado Sue Gowan talks about her passion for sewing thimbles, from hand-painted Royal Worcesters to plastic ones. She discusses the history of thimble making, the various materials used, the different design styles employed, and their collectibility. Sue can be contacted via her website, Thimbleselect of Australia , which is a member of our Hall of Fame. My husband, Mike, used to buy me pieces of china. One day he bought me a Jasperware blue Wedgwood thimble and I put it aside with my other pieces of Wedgwood.

Later, one of his aunts left us a silver thimble, and then my daughter got a christening thimble, and it just flew from there. James Fenton is known for his blackberry designs — here with an all over pattern of leaves with the berries. There are also stylised berries on the apex.

Gold and Silver Thimbles

The thimble is incomplete as it was constructed in two parts: sides and the domed top. The body itself is crushed almost flat and the seam is split. The sides are decorated with a cast grid of square depressions pits for the needle.

Thimbles. Based on archeological finds near Moscow, 30, years ago Silver thimble – Birmingham hall mark – not checked books for date letter yet.

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