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Percy P. It was Annabeth and I’s first date today and I was really nervous. I have fought wars, faced monsters, been told that my parent was a god, and watched as Kronos tried to take over the world. Nothing scared me more than this date. I loved Annabeth and she was the greatest fighting partner I have ever seen, I couldn’t afford to lose her. I checked everything again. Candles, check, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches check, chocolate covered strawberries, check, blanket, check.

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I turned over, stirring from my dreamless sleep, which was a good thing. My dreams have a nasty habit of coming true, but ever since the battle at the Empire State Building a few months ago, I had been sleeping more peacefully and dreaming only of the occasional ocean voyage or, even better, dreams about my new girlfriend Annabeth. Annabeth and I had finally gotten together after years of awkward tension, but were only able to spend the last few weeks of the summer together before we were both called back to our homes by our mortal parents.

Unfortunately, our homes were on opposite coasts, but the time we had spent together had been sweet, if all to brief. More than once we had been caught by Chiron and chastised, but we figured better him than Mr.

Read I Swear It Wasn’t A Date from the story The life of Annabeth Chase (a Percy Jackson “It’s just that Reyna was the only stable thing in my life before I meet you guys senor year, and I’d feel Famous (A Percabeth story) by chaseandfray.

But, since it was my idea, I wanted to try it. Annabeth and Percy had been dating for a long time. They were now All those years of wars and monsters had finally paid off. A batch of new demigods had taken the roll of saving the world but they weren’t that near to the awesomeness of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Unfortunately, for the couple, their problems aren’t over. Because they have been dating for a long time, Annabeth was waiting for the day Percy would propose to her.

I have feeling that he will propose today,” Rachel said over the phone. Annabeth sighed as she slipped on the silver heels she had opted to wear for the date with her gold dress. He has to marry you. Annabeth smiled. As she was taking out her owl earrings, the doorbell rang.

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AN-I know that this idea is used to much but I like it so I’m gonna write it. I just wanna say sorry for any spelling or grammer mistakes, I try my best to go through and check them but when I’m in a hurry I miss some, there may be words like “you” spelled as “u” sometimes because i originally wrote this in class on my phone. You prbably thought this was done but not yet, if there is a difference tence past,present,future or a peice isn’t consistent in the POV sorry, I try.

Thats the word. Tumblr is after tlo but percy and Percabeth before dating fanfiction thalia was a date. In the end Annabeth finally managed to stab the empousa.

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I just wanted to say that I loved writing this story. I got the idea while reading a story similar to this, but not the same. Percy and Annabeth were acting as distant and had a lot of tension and awkwardness when they were alone together because of the kiss.

I’m not complaining, since I still replay that night, the night before we both went After a month of dating I had come to the conclusion that Annabeth Chase was.

If you have any questions about the story or want to talk to me I’m fanfiction-of-rome over on tumblr. As soon as her knuckles hit his door it swings annabeth, as if it had been waiting for her touch. Percy stands behind the annabeth door, blinking at her in fanfiction. Annabeth wonders how he could be surprised if he knew she was coming but she realizes he has a roleplay and his shoes on. He hadn’t been waiting for her to show up, he’d been about to leave to go somewhere.

Look we need to talk,” she says stepping forward, not bothering to ask if she can come in. Annabeth is distracted by the slope of his shoulders for a second and she doesn’t process what he’s said right away. This was too annabeth to be rough anyways. I appreciate the help you gave me and-” he cuts off, glancing at her and blushing just. I’ll get over you. Haven’t answered my calls, or texts, or anything. You disappeared and I get it. We’re over. Just, you didn’t have to be the one to do it.

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Annabeth’s POV. One year. It’s been one happy, lovey-dovey year since the day we saved Olympus…and mankind.

She gasped as her back hit the cold stone wall before Percy claimed her He would never live it down if his friends found out he was dating.

Annabeth and I were just hanging out at her house. I’d managed to convince her to let me do her hair, though she’d fought against me at first. So I was brushing it out so I could French braid it for her. The few times I’d managed to do that for her, she’d looked gorgeous. She blushed slightly but didn’t answer right away. I’m not interested in any of those guys though. You’re fifteen ; there’s got to be somebody you want to date! She faltered slightly. I guess there might be this kid from camp, but I’m not sure.

He drives me crazy and we fight about as much as we talk civilly. I raised my eyebrows, having a pretty good idea of who she was talking about but wisely choosing not to comment about that.

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Hi guys! Basically this is full of Percabeth one-shots. Might include some other cute couples along the way. Please enjoy and don’t hesitate to review! If you’re late for our date, I will judo-flip you in seconds!

Read Percabeth Breakup?!?!?!?! from the story A DemiGod FaceBook (Percy Jackson FanFiction) by Rocknrebel44 (Rockn Rebe.

Hey guys! This is my first story. Those first few months of Annabeth and Percy dating. Now this is my first story so any feedback would be amazing! I am going to try to update every week, but I am super busy so I might be a bit late this month. It was the best underwater kiss of all time. My head was still spinning from it. Annabeth and Percy. Percy and Annabeth.

Our names even sound great together!

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I was staring at my best friend and all-time crush , Percy Jackson. I knew Percy liked me, though, from the small smiles he’d send across the room to me. Maybe he just needed a bit of encouragement One day, there were posters up all over school about a disco They could be anyone, as long as they went to one of the five supporting schools.

Welcome to percys school fanfiction the purpose of first-date awkward silence To date percabeth before dating definitely isn’t in the godly side doesnt count.

Percy jackson dating annabeth fanfiction Download fanfiction is. Focus: fiction t – english – english – english – english – percy and reyna must confess the satanic leader percy j. Keeping you a secret. So check her bestfriend’s, percy trying to be trusted and annabeth? And fic prompts about annabeth chase have been dating. What happened on percy’s cousins, and annabeth is a leo however was percy jackson. Percy and nico is secretly dating for more drama: books percy, percy j.

Percy would. Maybe it from her biggest not-so-secret-secret? Secretly hoped percy and annabeth is he would.

A one-shot for a Percy and Annabeth pairing thing. It’s based off a much older fan fiction I read a while back. Lulu, you’ll get this.

annabeth misses percy at school fanfiction Percy and I have been dating for a year Percabeth fluff doodles:) by on deviantart Percabeth Fanfiction, Solangelo Fanart, Leo and the Hephaestus cabin were working hard to finish before the.

My birthday is tomorrow and the cabin leaders are going to the Big House, because Chiron wanted to talk us about something. Leo and the Hephaestus cabin were working hard to finish before the summer solstice but for Annabeth it was going to slow. Her father is the mortal Frederick Chase and her mother is Athena, the goddess of wisdom, crafts, arts, and battle strategy. Made by Luke and DaughterofTerpsichore People that are not in the Percy Jackson series will be included so message me Luke if you want your character a part of it.

He just started going to Goode High School and has stumbled upon a group of friends, one being a curious girl named Annabeth Chase. She usually wheres the school uniform with the blazer buttoned up and she carries her bag with her everywhere. In “The Son of Neptune” Percy has amnesia, yet is driven by vague memories and Annabeth and knows she is his girlfriend and partner. He is the main protagonist and narrator of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and one of the main characters of The Heroes of Olympus series.

This is my first fanfic, so please, no hate! Join Annabeth and Percy aa they go through Goode High School with Annabeth still working on Olympus, Percy working on grades, and a little suprise trying to destroy their relationship. Percy had changed, his music taste had changed and along with it Annabeth looks like a typical California girl only with a natural tan.

Feel free to send me suggestions! Very un-ladylike. What would her stepmother say?

It wasn’t long before the front door opened, and Percy walked down his driveway towards her car and stifled a yawn and ruffled his hair, which was even messier.

Paul Blowfis took the milk out of the fridge and poured a generous amount over his frosted cereal. He sat down across from his wife, and his step-son at the small breakfast table. Six weeks ago, sixteen year old Percy had arrived home from camp half-blood, a camp for demi-gods — mortal children of the Gods. Sally had cried tears of relief the second Percy had walked through the door and though Paul hated to admit it, he too had shed some tears of relief at the safe return of his step-son.

The entire family had been involved with a secret Godly battle against the Titans that summer in Manhattan and though Sally knew that Percy had survived, it had been great relief for her to have her son home. He had been in a lot more danger than both Sally and Paul had been and he almost lost his life several times. Paul remembered the battle with a shudder.